How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Home

Colors can be classified according to the resistance of the coating on the treated surface. Canadian Chemical Distributor will help you decide what kind of color and materials you want for your home.

    Abrasion resistant coating. These are coatings with the worst characteristics and are among the cheapest coatings, known as dispersive colors.

    Coatings resistant to washing. Such coatings are known as dispersion and acrylic paint.

    Coatings resistant to scrubbing. In this group we classify coatings called latex paint.

So these are the types of color. Let’s say that you already know what you want for your home and you finally have the desired color. So now it is time to start. First of all, carefully read the instructions located on the product packaging or in the prospectus to prevent possible mistakes while working.

Make sure that the surfaces you want to paint are ready for operation. Remember not to paint on fresh mortar. It must dry for at least 28 days. Otherwise, it may cause cracking, shades changes etc. Calculate the surface you need to decorate and protect it in order to obtain a sufficient amount of paint, which reduces costs due to subsequent purchase or unwanted excess. Working air temperature should be between +5 C to +35 C and relative humidity should not be over 85%. Avoid areas in direct sunlight. There are products that cannot be mixed together. Be very careful with that. Mix the color well before using. If you have a few cans of the same paint, it is recommended that you mix them together before painting. Be sure to dilute the product as directed on the package, because a higher dilution leads to poor coverage and diversity on the surface.

Buy high-quality painting tools for painting

To get the most out of high-quality paint for the walls, you need to have quality refurbishment rollers and brushes. Quality tools will allow smoother color application and will facilitate the work. When applying the desired color, it is important to use brushes and rollers made of synthetic materials, as they will maintain the proper stiffness and keep their shape regardless of the amount of water to which they are exposed to. For oil-based paints or alkyd you can use a tool of synthetic and natural materials.

Prepare the appropriate painting tools and all the necessary equipment.

Do not forget that even professional painters need at least two to three days to get the job done well and there are no shortcuts. To get the best result as professional painters do, prepare the surface, buy top quality paint and painting tools and you are ready to go. Do not rush just do everything slowly and be patient. These processes take time and you shouldn’t immediately think that you are not good at painting. It is not you, it is the process itself.

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