What Happens During a Site Risk Assessment?

What is known as a site risk assessment is a legally required step that employers and the owners of public establishments,that hire employees must undertake to oversee an assessment of the workplace, with the aim of helping to identify any health and safety risks. This kind of an assessment will then go on to develop effective measures to control or prevent any risks from happening. This will also protect the business from any lawsuits arising from injuries sustained in such establishments.

The legal elementof site risk assessment stems from the legal concept of liability that necessitates the owners of businesses and other public establishments to take reasonable care to ensure for the safety of those who use such establishments. For instance, the management of a department store must conduct a site risk assessment to determine what potential risks exist inside the store’s premises. While it may not be possible to anticipate or foresee every single risk, they will be held liable for any injury which has been caused by a hazard that could have been prevented through the exercise of proper care.

Hazards to Consider

Employers in the workplace can begin a site risk assessment by identifying the hazards in the workplace with professional assistance from the take 5 books risk assessment manual and conducting a thorough assessment of the workplace and its equipment. In the industrial and manufacturing industries, employees can check the noise levels produced by heavy industrial equipment. Management places such as hospitals and laboratories can check for any kind of exposure to harmful pathogens and sharp objects like needles and scalpels.

And afterwards in step two of a site risk assessment will be to discover those who are most likely to be harmed by the identified risks. In the workplace, certain sections of workers may be more at risk than others. For instance, a lab technician who works with pathogens in a laboratory might be more at risk of an infection than the administrative staff at the front desk.

Precautions to Minimise Injury

After the risks have been identified, the next step will be to determine how to control or prevent any risk from becoming a reality. This is where the management of the premises is expected to take “reasonable care” in order to prevent or minimise such an occurrence. It may not be possible to prevent every single risk on site, but the employer or business owner will be expected to take all expected precautions.

After the safety measures have been implemented, the employer must make future plans for site risk assessments to be carried out periodically so as to ensure that the measures stay effective. These periodic site risk assessments will serve to update the employers of any newly found risks in the workplace. Things such as the introduction of new equipment into a workplace or various other changes in the environment and everyday work conditions.

All employees deserve a risk free environment.