Places Where Guys Can Celebrate In Chicago Illinois On A Business Trip

JC Martin Club

This location is legitimate 18+ clubs that provides you an excuse to squeeze into that tube dance and dress. There are 2 rooms of music, one is Latin oriented and the other is your common mix of electro-rap and what not making it a great place for VIP rooms and having exotic dancers entertain your business partners or clients for an hour. Check their social media network profiles for weekly deals, generally everyone is free before 10pm. I advise this location for girls who want to dance with their friends.

Concert hall

There are lots of concerts every night in this city, and at least fifty percent of them are 18+. Concert halls are generally pretty best at advertising the age need for each show. Every venue is remarkable, and even sucky shows are exciting when you go with the best people.

Summer street festivals

If you survive the cold winter of Chicago, you are rewarded with a large quantity of street festivals every weekend of the summer. There are the classic ones, such as Chicago Taste, but each neighborhood is its own jewel of festivities. I advise Wicker Park Fest for all things Little Italy FestaItaliana or hipster for a best time especially for Chicago strippers to come out to your get together with business clients and such. Anyway, event like the Greektown taste are not to be overlooked for a best sense.

River roast private events

Placed on the Chicago River, provides a best setting for your next meeting or party. Helmed by James Beard prize-winning Chef Tony Mantunao and John Hogan Executive Chef, River Roast is a dynamic social house and gathering location.

Experienced event planning and service team’s goal to accommodate and anticipate your requirements for an amazing event. Whether you are planning a big gala for three hundred people, or a private affair for 8 business people, the delectable customize menus will thrill you.

River Roast has 5 areas to pick from, each charactering relaxed decoration that pays honor to the historical attraction building the restaurant is housed in the choices for social and corporate events are limitless.

Fado Irish pub

Fado Irish pub is a genuine pub placed in downtown Chicago trendy River neighborhood North, near all big hotels.This is a special venue to plan a corporate event, friends, client or family gathering. Welcome and hot pub makes an atmosphere for celebration, while staff provides the top of drink, food and Irish hospitality. A best choice if you are looking for an escape from quality banquet-style venues.