Awesome reasons to play geometry dash game

If you are a music lover then geometry dash is the perfect game because it is rhythm based platform game. Officially this game has 21 level but nearly more than 30 million online games are made by players. Each level has unique background music features and it has also other features like map packs, user created levels, level editor, secret coins and other variety of icons. Robert Topala is developer of this game and it was published by RobTop games. It belongs to the genre of music, platformer and arcade.

The main objective of the game is to finish the each level by reaching by its end. In case you die at obstacle then you have to start from beginning. Each level player can collect more than three secret coins that is scattered in challenging or hidden areas. It is the most interesting game and once you started this game then you will get addict of this game because it has awesome gameplay.

If you download geometry dash online apk file then you can thoroughly enjoy this game. It could be the perfect treat to music lover and it is supporting all kinds of the mobile platforms such as android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac and OS. In order to access the custom levels, you must play full version of game so that you can acquire notable objects like jump pads, spikes, blocks, rings and user coins. A level might be verified in separate attempts like collecting coins and completing run via in one attempt.